Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Travelogue for Tourists and Our Future Generations

[1] First landmark = Cityvibes Shopping complex

Before = There was only a bus interchange there, which moved to the other side of the road, There were no shopping centers there and it was not as convenient as right now.

After = Now that there is a new shopping complex, it is much more convenient for the residents there as there are more fast food restaurants there so it is much more convenient and with a new internet cafe at level 3, many residents come and use the computers there with much ease.

[2] Second landmark = Clementi Mall

Before = There was only a bare patch of grassland and had no use.

After = Now that there is a clementi mall, there are more shops and other houses close to the mall have all gone up in price. There are also HDB flats above the mall which are really convenient as these houses are close to shops, restaurants and are also close to the MRT station.

[3] Third landmark = West Coast plaza

Before = It was a few old blocks of HDB flats with wear and tear over the years.

After = With the west coast plaza, there is a coffeebucks and a 7-eleven there, and many residents there are able to buy many things as there are many convenient stores at the plaza.